Huawei’s phones will no longer be able to use Google’s software

Huawei’s phones will no longer be able to use Google’s software, including the Android operating system and Gmail and YouTube apps.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reportedly decided Sunday to suspend its commercial ties with Huawei after the Chinese company was blacklisted by the US government , according to a source familiar with the matter.

Thus, Google will no longer provide software, hardware or technical support, with the exception of its services offered with an open license.

Current users of a Huawei phone will not be able to update their Android operating system, but they will still be able to use and update mobile apps provided by Google.

These are the next models of the Chinese company that will no longer have access to Gmail applications, YouTube or Chrome, three properties of Google.

Huawei may only use a public version of Android and will no longer have access to Google-owned applications and services.

An unidentified source

This source also said that the consequences of this suspension of services offered to Huawei were still being discussed within Google.

Huawei said on Monday that it will continue to provide updates and after-sales service for all Huawei and Honor phones and tablets. The Chinese company, however, did not mention what would happen to the phones sold in the future.

The Chinese company has made a significant contribution to the development and growth of Android worldwide. She says she wants to continue to build a secure and viable software ecosystem, including security updates.

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